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Sunday 23rd October 2022 is the date for the final coarse match of the year.

Fur and Feather at Carney’s Pools, Rugeley.
Meet at the venue for an 0800 hrs draw.

Fish 0900 hrs until 1400 hrs.

Presentation back at the Saracens Head after the match, all anglers to bring a prize as all
participants receive a prize ( value of prize approx £5 ish ).

An optional pool will be available at £10 each.
Please contact Ian Broadhead to secure your place by one of the methods below.

Email or telephone 07538 642940.

Friday 4th November 2022 will be the John Evans Memorial Fly Match at Ellerdine Lakes.

Details of this event to follow shortly.

Anyone wishing to join us on the day please contact Ian Broadhead by email or phone.

Ian Broadhead
Match secretary.