Gayton Brook 

The Club has about 2 miles of fishing on Gayton Brook, starting where the A51 crosses the Brook and stretching upstream towards Fradswell.

The brook contains a good mixture of different species, including chub, grayling and trout. There are some surprisingly large fish – trout and chub to over 2 lbs, and grayling to 1.5 lbs have been caught.

The lower half of the stretch is fairly open, and can be fished with either a fly rod or a float rod.

The upper half is very overgrown, and has been described as ‘jungle fishing’. However, it provides excellent habitat for the fish and protection from fish eating birds etc.  It is more suited to the mobile, roving angler, prepared to ‘fight’ their way into the river,  using a short rod to gently lower the bait into the numerous deeper holes.