River Dove Crakemarsh

The River Dove (Crakemarsh)

Forming part of the boundary between Staffordshire and Derbyshire the river Dove is a famous river fished by Isaac Walton himself.

The Saracens Head section of the upper River Dove offers mixed coarse and fly fishing.  The section of the River Dove here is prime habitat for trout and grayling with a number of clubs both above and below offering fishing by fly only.

The section does however hold the usual river coarse fish including Pike, Chub, and possibly the odd Barbel,  although the lower reaches of the Dove are generally accepted to be a better option for Barbel.

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Please note Giant Hogweed has been reported on the River Dove and this stretch,  please be very careful. Further information on Giant Hogweed can be found HERE 

SHAG River Dove
Saracens Head River Dove