The River Dove (Marchington)

Our stretch of the Lower Dove is quite wild, some would say ‘overgrown and neglected’ but that is what makes it such a good fish holding stretch. Both banks are tree lined,some having collapsed with many growing into the river. This slows the bank side flow and forms eddies at the side of the main stream which varies in depth from the shallows at the lower end to much deeper water on the up stream half.

The stretch is historically noted for big barbel, with carp and large bream also present. It would be unwise to use lines lighter than 12lb bs when fishing for barbel.  The stretch holds the normal species associated with the River Dove, and club members have reported good fishing returns including plenty of chub, pike, grayling, barbel, large trout and dace all making an appearance.

Please note Giant Hogweed has been reported on the River Dove and this stretch,  please be very careful. Further information on Giant Hogweed can be found HERE