Saracens Head Angling Group – Rules

1 All members are deemed to have read and understood these rules. Members breaking these rules may be expelled from the club. In these circumstances, membership fees will not be reimbursed.

2 All members fishing club waters must carry a current Saracens Head Angling Group membership card and Environment Rod Licence. Members must produce their membership card when requested by the Riparian Owner, Environment Agency or any club member. Club members must produce their membership card before requesting others to do so. Any unauthorised person or persons fishing club waters will be either requested to leave the water immediately or will be reported to the Environment Agency/local police.

3 Members fish club waters at their own risk.

4 Members must comply with the Environment Agency Regulations and any other local bye-laws.

5 Bloodworm and Joker is banned on all club waters.

6 An Environment Agency Rod Licence is required for all club waters. No more than 2 rods may be fished with at any one time.

7 All Rainbow Trout of takeable size over 10”/25cm may be kept irrespective of fishing method. No other fish may be removed from any club waters.

8 Fly fishing for trout only is permitted during the closed season on Club Rivers, subject to the member being in possession of the relevant Environment Agency Licence. Closed season dates for Trout on our rivers is 8th October to March 17th inclusive and Coarse Fish 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

9 No fish are to be introduced to any club water without the approval of the club committee and the Environment Agency.

10 Night fishing is not permitted. No litter, fires or dogs. Members are required to ensure that their peg is free from any litter (whether theirs or a previous angler) before leaving the water, failure to do so could result in the club losing the water.

11 No fish are to be carried in Keep nets.

12 Barbless or flattened barb to be used at all times.

13 Keep nets are permitted only on the canal and must comply with relevant EA/local bye-law requirements.

14 No tins are to be brought to waters/pegs.

15 The club will not be held liable for any local or national restrictions preventing access to club waters.

16 No guest tickets are allowed on club waters with the exception of the canal where day tickets are available.

17 The club officials have the power to interpret these Rules and other matters not covered herein.

18 Fishing club rivers is by Float and Fly only, no other method of any type with the exception of the River Dove where Ledgering is allowed. Remember, there are some big Barbel in the Dove so please remember this when deciding what method and line strength you will be using.




Water Specific Rules.


1 Fishing is prohibited between the marked sections below power cables. Members fishing these areas will be required to move to other “safe” pegs. Persistent offenders will be reported to the committee and maybe expelled from then club.

2 Club arranged matches take precedent over individuals fishing and members will be required to relocate.

3 Drop Shotting/Lure fishing is allowed on the canal only, no other water.

River Tean.

1 Fishing is by Float or Fly only.

River Blythe

1 The river runs through the Manor farm Golf Club. Golfers, unless a member of SHAG do not have the right to fish the water. Golfers have no right to challenge your being on the water unless they are entitled through membership of SHAG/EA etc.

2 Anglers should be alert to the dangers from Golf Balls, especially where golfers drive across the river. Lost balls technically belong to the owner. To avoid complications, golf balls should be left where they lie. Fishing is by float or fly only, no ledgers of any type are allowed on any club river. Only one rod is permitted at any one time.

1-Acre Pool.

1 When fishing specifically for Carp, minimum 8lb line should be used.

2 No particle baits with the exception of Hemp, Sweetcorn and Pellet.

3 All gates must be kept shut

4 Unwanted bait must not be thrown into the water after your fishing session.

5 Fixed Lead Rigs must not be used.

6 Park sensibly. Parking is at your risk and the club will accept no liability for any damage to vehicles.

7 Access is through the farm yard. Please enter and leave as quietly as possible. Care should be taken when driving through the field so as not to frighten the animals.



Additional Competition Rules.

1 All open and club contests are to be organised by the committee or officials authorised by the committee.

2 Competitors must hold a valid SHAG membership card and an Environment Agency Rod Licence.
3 All club con tests are subjected to a fee per peg per competitor.

4 Members are welcome to organise their own contests on the Trent and Mersey Canal. In these circumstances club arranged matches and individual anglers take precedence.

5 The authorised member shall define which pegs are to be fished on each match dependent on the numbers of competitors , condition/access to particular pegs or other matters identified prior to commencement of the draw.

6 Competitors are permitted to one draw per match and no competitor may exchange or move their peg.

7 Competitors may only use one baited tackle at any one time, but other tackle may be set up unbaited. Only one hook is allowed on terminal tackle.

8 Any bait may be used except; live or dead baiting of fish, frogs, spinning baits or artificial lures. Bloodworm and Joker are banned from all club waters.

9 Competitors may plumb their swim, set up terminal tackle (unbaited), mix groundbait, position keepnets and clear debris before the start of the contest. Groundbait must not be added to the swim before the start.

10 All tackle, ie keepnets, landing nets and weights etc. must comply with current bye-laws in force.

11 Competitors are permitted to fish a maximum of 1 metre from either side of their drawn peg. Competitors cannot fish past the half way point between their peg and the adjoining competitor.

12 Competitors must stop on their own peg and may receive no help or assistance to land fish.

13 Competitors must stop fishing on the finishing signal. If the competitor is playing a fish they will be given 15 minutes from the finishing signal to land the fish.

14 Competitors that retire early from the match should leave the water in order not to cause a nuisance to other competitors.

15 All freshwater fish are eligible for the weigh in. Pike, trout, crayfish and other crustaceans will not be weighed in. Trout must be returned immediately to the water if caught.

16 Competitors will be weighed in once. It is their responsibility to ensure that all their fish are weighed in. The authorised members decision is final.

17 Competitors are responsible for ensuring their peg is free from all litter, whether it is theirs or not before the weigh in. No competitor will be weighed in with litter/debris on their peg. Unused bait must not be thrown into the swim or left on their peg at the end of the match but must be taken away for disposal.

18 The authorised member may award prize money for up to 5th place as per the schedule of payments agreed by the committee.

19 The club officials have the power to interpret these Rules and other matters not covered herein. Any competitor found in contravention of these rules could be subject to disqualification. Any objection must be made to the authorised member or other committee member within 1 hour of the finish of the match and followed up in writing within 24 hours.