Venue River Tean. Time 8.30 and 10.30 (Sent out Sunday Feb 27th 2022)

8.30 This will be to assist Rob Wood who will be using his chainsaw. There will need to be at least 6 of us to drag the heavy trees/branches out as
they are cut. The main tree will remain in the river. Tools and equipment – two members with chest waders and others with ropes, loppers or hand saws.
Suitable gloves and clothing.

10.30 light duty working party requiring hand tools – saws, shears, rakes, etc. Bring suitable protective clothing, gloves and wellingtons – or waders (for the
fitter of us). This work will mainly be downstream of the stables. The object is to clear away brambles, branches and other obstacles to ease access to the
river at strategic points. Lengths of split hose pipe and tape to cover barbed wire would be appreciated.

This is a good opportunity to meet other members and to learn about club waters. Please support your club

Please let TC know if you can help – getting 6 helpers at 8.30 is essential

Cheers TC Waters Maintenance Officer

email or text on 0798860 1316